a stream

a long steady stream

flows forth from the whiteshirt ballcap man in the corner

flows without ceasing

as he leans back



and oblivious

there are friends about


who might have words

things to say

opinions to share

but all are washed rinsed flooded away by streamwords never ending never stopping never ceasing onandon

one friend reads, head bowed low

(he has quit trying)

one sits, smiles faintly, glancesabout

(smile speaks loudly itself, screams givemeachance)

one sips coffee, slowly, patiently

(coffee now cooled by stream, time)

they are waiting for their turn

but it’s baseball and drugwar and celebrity and pontificate and explicate and

rate and berate and irate and alliknowitall

as i leave

i look back through the window

and see my reflection there



and all


Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.   – Proverbs 17 : 28

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