Visit Sunny Yesterday Today!


Those notes that used to sing to me

and places living longed to be

and people branching growing tree:

those things ain’t like they used to be

not at all, you see


Those haunts that ghosted up to me

and bricks and mortars solidly

and ev’rything thats in between:

just can’t live up to memory

at least, not to me


Even those visions soon to be

and wants i used to want to need

and needs i used to think i dream

now fall away like brownded leaves

leaving new and clean


the places where they used to be

like freshly ironed holes, empty

to fill with brightened new, ready

the thing that is to come, solely

can be the best for me


i wanted to soak luxury

and wander trails exoticly

and summon tastic fantasy

and thrill and spill unwav’ringly

i truly loved believed!


but now i only flee

for such were never meant to be

and live and lie only

in cloud and air and nothingly


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