the exchange


ancient years past

i made a promise

a bargain

i told him that he could have

whatever he wanted

whenever he wanted

(all he had to do

was come claim it)

in exchange for

that one thing

that i wanted

needed more than anything

if he would pull me from

holes, wholly drab and


then his heart’s desire

would be his


now he is here

to claim that gift

and i must make good

on my promise

if i had only known

(oh clever clever soul that

he is)

the thing he would ask

would be

my life


oh foolish man that i am

i did not know

this is because

to give me what i had needed



begged for

it had cost him



2 thoughts on “the exchange

    • Precisely what i was attempting to allude to, in a way. i definitely feel that He has been coming to call this week. There are just so many ways in which i have been convicted of my nonsense lately, and the last few posts are indicative of that i think, at least, in terms of intentions. Whether or not those intentions are apparent is not for me to judge.


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