time, distance, wisdom


because the stars(

crisply dotting darkened drape of night

moses miniatures mapping routes to glory

telling fates and fortunes

poking pleasure specks into my eyes, when else is black

shaping wings ,claws ,arrows

faces fantastic

)aren’t truly stars at all

but factories of fury

treacherous foundries of ferocious wisdom

incomprehensible fountains ,suns

and at the very least

are grossly, utterly


in this lifetime, any

racing further away

each minute, second, nano

and very well might be

by now

simmered out

shattered in sparks and fire and

ravenous ravaging molecule bursts


sucking husks

gravity wells

dark and void

selfish and


but here

from my tiny hurtling perch

they still are






6 thoughts on “time, distance, wisdom

    • Thanks. I like the idea very much as well. i am not certain, reading back over it, that it is done, nor that the title is right. But nevertheless i appreciate the compliment very much.


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