shards of an earthen vessel


“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”  – Blanche DuBois, in A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams


Computer, bag, stuff sitting

on a table in the

cafe where i am

sipping, writing, musing.

Sipping overmuch i think because


i have to evacuate.

Next to me there is a


minding their own business

sipping, writing, musing.

In some worlds i would not have to ask

would not fret the safety of all my


but in this i must impose upon the


of a someone i don’t even know

to watch it, guard it, as if

it were their own.

When i come back

i smile and say


because all my junk is still


In some worlds a someone might not be so


with their time, effort, watching

and would instead

sip, write, muse

while another someone

picked me clean.

But in this one,

i can smile

and say


because i have leaned, even just for a moment

on some


who did for me a



Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.    – Galatians 6 : 2

7 thoughts on “shards of an earthen vessel

  1. Something about this makes me meditate on how good it is to give thanks. Not just the idea that it is good because we are supposed to do it, as a duty, or because it is a debt owed. But really good for us. It is good and pleasing to be filled with gratitude. My understanding is that the word Eucharist means Thanksgiving, and so our most profound act as humans, the worship of God given to us by God, is returning the gift of thanks.


    • It is good. It is also restorative of our proper place when we are aware that all good things are from above. Phil. 4 springs to mind. As it relates to this subject, i simply find appreciation that even though the world has many elements of brokenness to it, He has mercifully infused that brokenness with some of Himself. Because of this we may all see His goodness and kindness, especially in one another. As always, your commentary is valued and appreciated.


  2. Can’t believe you wrote a poem about this very conundrum. My sister mentioned the other day that she hates when she has to go to the bathroom at Starbucks, when she’s got a seat and doesn’t want to pack up her laptop and everything, but has to ask a stranger to watch it. It’s a situation I had never considered, till she mentioned it. Funny! (And I liked your way of putting it:)


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