Collective Fun


Let’s have some, shall we?

Let us each, of iron, sharpen our neighbors. What better way to do that than to collectively perform the same exercise? I would like to extend an invitation to fellow poets and short story writers to participate in an impromptu contest. The winner will be awarded the esteemed prize of being published here on my blog, and the exhilaration of instantaneous exposure to perhaps dozens of people!

Truly, this is just for fun. I found this writing prompt the other day, and i find it enjoyable and challenging. i plan to participate several times myself, and will publish the meager results.

Again, heed my call! Submit your entries to me via email ( or hyperlink to your blog entry in the comments below. Let’s have a firm date of August 17 for submissions. (As a disclaimer, submissions will remain the property of the authors. All copies of entries not published will be deleted demolished destroyed.) Also, if you like the idea, re-blog this post. I think it might be interesting to see how many submissions we can get.

Here is the prompt:

Read James Richardson’s aphorisms or “ten-second essays.” Pick one that resonates with you, and use the aphorism as an epigraph or starting off point for a poem or short story.

i will select one winning story and one winning poem, if i receive multiple submissions in both categories. If i do not receive enough submissions then i will hide under a rock for a while, write a few poems about my obsession with the approval of man, then resurface and unfollow everyone’s blog. Or i will just be sad.

Moral: don’t be the one who makes me sad. Do the right thing, and participate. i expect ample turnout. Hop to it!


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