coinings I and II




it doesn’t exist

i would have to make it

but i already know

exactly how it would sound


it would have to be guttural

no shortage of x’s and k’s

throw in a few gh’s for good measure

(not whiny like nigh but vicious like rough or ugh)

as few vowels as possible

(for they only sustain

and i want staccato)

seven letters max, six or less preferably

one syllable, necessarily

a good sturdy onomatopoeia would work

like CRACK


it would have to be

a hard word

an unrelenting



facepunch word

with abject finality



because if i use this word

to scream out how i feel

i would want everyone to hear it

but only once

and then for it

to be


as quickly as possible



(i think after that

i’d like to try

)just once have the chance(

to create

some singy songful word

a ringy longful word

with plenty of vowels in it)


(and shout it

in an empty waiting cavern

or to a patient black sky

that had been starving

a long time

for such a word

and when at last it heard it

it would joyfully say it back to me

whispering echoes

while i slept)



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