driving in the dark early one morning


The streets creak reluctantly awake.

Scurrying hurrying by go the vehicles of

salesmen and bankers, movers, shakers, makers of things, their

headlights stabbing yellow knives into the sleeping flesh of

night, shuddering merciless into the still rumble

waves of engine growl. These are the

drivers of cars and economies, every effort matters, every

pedal pushed, gas or brake, timing is everything, and everyone hurtles along

together foreignly fast, envelopes already pushing, shoving, as if

today only existed to atone for

what was forgotten yesterday. Sidelined and

sitting passive, watching waning peaceful dark, my car is parked and

silent, still dewed from evening rain and i

wonder how i might politely, gently, undisturbedly

decline to drive anywhere this day.


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