For my wife, on our Anniversary



It took me longer than I had hoped to complete this. I am a day late. May she forgive me.


On Shopping for a Card


There are few options. All born,

whether by mirthful laugh fanfared or by

agony thrust into the gaping bright new empty:

all have a day, all without exception.

Cards to mark these occasions abound like

cans on grocer’s shelves –

but those congratulating

a spouse for the anniversary of our union

are so few, sparsely littered about the stacks like

plastic bags on the side of the road. They are

battered, jumbled up, envelopes don’t

match the cards. The messages are

banal, benign, flat and yellowed as the

paper on which they are printed.


But one stands out. Simple, elegant,

refined, stated with candor and

wisdom, without cheek, without

frivolity. The script curves gently like

a slow river, graceful, serene. The colors are

subdued but warm, as faintly burning embers,

or April sun rising over newly tilled earth. It simply states,

“Love is not in the falling, it is

in the staying.” I buy it, and just

sign it. It needs no addition to its words. (You

know well how mostly I like to

amend what is already perfect.)


Somewhere I know there must be one whose

writer, blinded, dumbed, stumped by his wife’s

glory and beauty, can only say,

“I hope it has been as good for you

as it has been for me.” Until I find it,

this one will have to do.

I hope you like it.


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