[insert title here] (after thinking of one)



not every thought is destined for

setting down firmly in

carefully selected words

trimmed and pruned for

devastating effect, growth,

titanic impact; and though they

cry out for enumeration, explication,

most will remain unspoken,

never leaving generating home — pent,

rapt, glued to muted televisions, slouching

permanently, sadly down on

overworn inadequate couches, and will only always

wonder what it might be like

to have a voice, to echo in

canyons and open spaces, to be

trapped by pinna, resonated by

malleus and incus, to shake loose

the untilnow passive fluids in

semicircular canals, and to at last

electrify in a cochlea, transmit through

axons and dendrites into web of

gray matter, and there translate into

the quickening pulse of

someone else’s heart —


Best i can muster right now. Forgotten but not gone.  – r.e.w.

5 thoughts on “[insert title here] (after thinking of one)

  1. Wow, I think I am following what you are saying. Choosing to sit and passively take in tv or some other banal thing in place of true connection with the one right next to you? I nee a dictionary for several of these words….but I love it! I usually read your poems outloud because of the sounds of the words!


    • It’s about two things, really. First: about the numerous ideas that i have had for writing that have not come to fruition. Secondly: about the destiny of each of us individually, and how some of us are meant for “great” things and some for more “humble” things. Mostly it is an expression of my frustration at my inability to produce anything lately, and wondering if i should continue to pursue writing as a path or not, etc. Thanks for reading!


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