oh to die instead in egypt

photo credit: www.devon-photography.com


i do not know

  much of the sea

    (i have yet to get my

      sea-legs and remarkably i

        still get ill at the

          waves, most of the

            time) and yet even

              i can tell that boats

                left unsailed and unanchored

                  will neither stay moored

                in the place they were

              docked nor will they by

            glorious happenstance

          reach some tranquil unknown

        beach on foreign shores but

      very likely will simply

    run aground in the

  very place that they

just departed


2 thoughts on “oh to die instead in egypt

    • That’s so nice to hear, truly. I don’t know what happened, honestly. I want to write but I feel like the words have left me. I have nothing to say, or if I do, it’s trite nonsense not worth publishing. Perhaps I will get back into it soon. It’s hard to find the drive now, and I am out of practice. Let’s hope a little inspiration returns, if indeed that is what is supposed to happen. 🙂


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