My name is Richard Wilson. i am a 34-year-old reformed drug addict, and God’s presence in my life has been powerful and shattering: shattering illusions, lies, and sins, sometimes painfully, but nevertheless He has gripped me and won’t let go. i am married to a wonderful woman who has supported me through drug dependence and getting clean despite the fact that for years i lied to her about the situation. Her love is yet another testimony to God’s healing powers.

We live in Austin, Texas, and are seeking ways and wisdom through which we can impact the city and the world for Christ.

Sometimes we do it well.

Often we don’t.

But God’s love is fierce and exacting and demanding and overwhelming and He continues to shape us every day.


This blog is an exercise in gospel confidence. i believe God has gifted me in the realm of words, yet for most of my life i have utilized them merely for ends of my own devising, if at all. i have crafted clever lies, spouted incredulity and violence at people around me, often even ones that i love. Because of this, i ran from writing for a very long time, fearing the sludge that might spew forth.

This blog is a penance: an attempt to reverse that trend and begin using the talents God gave me for His glory, as much much as my feeble skills will allow.

i have expounded upon this slightly here, if anyone is curious.


My prayer:

Late have i loved You, O Lord.  Such feeble hands and fleeting time, age has already begun to grip these bones.  Nevertheless, what i am and have is Yours.  As you have used stones, bones, dust, i pray, use this man.


8 thoughts on “Origins

    • i felt similarly stumbling across your site. Thanks for your interest! As promised, i just launched “On books” as a page and am working on the first entry now. We shall see if it has the desired efficacy! Thanks for reading.


  1. As God has given you the gift of prose, of course your words can be like a sword to cut for good as well as for evil. As the flesh controls you, your asset can be your demise. But in the hands of God you and you alone can reach others with your similar background for his glory. Choose this day whom you will serve. And always remember, our writing is not about us, but about his glory and helping others see it.
    God bless.


    • A sound admonishment, and only in the context of Christian brotherhood could i accept so difficult a calling. Indeed the battle between self-indulgence and cowardice presses upon me at all times. i do not wish to say too much lest the gospel be masked by my words, nor too little lest i be salvaging my appearance before men. It is largely new to me, and though i feel gifted with words i also am sinful and often seek my own good and not His. i thank You for your encouragement, and for being willing to speak the truth to the world. i pray to someday have your boldness and fearlessness.


    • Thanks for the heads up! i have been a little stymied lately for inspiration, sad to say, but i came back from vacation with some good stuff, i think. Will check you out again soon, too!


  2. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find this. This is a far cry from the Rich I met many years ago, but with all the smarts I liked about you to begin with. Quite stellar work, friend.


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