micropoem: the writer in a box


i have heard it said

write what you know

which is a great idea

in theory


what if

i know





i asked him

which one i should read first

books like ladders like castles

reaching far wide high deep

behind each another

each only in place to hold another up

this one a sequel another a prequel

here a history

here a poem

here a philosophy

here wisdom

the very walls built structure held together by pages seams binds

the windows made from gaps in words

the door from holes in universes

it does not matter

he says

for you cannot read them all

in this life

though I have says the Librarian

I have

and I can read them to you


every day i am again at the Library

(when i remember)

and the Librarian reads to me

why do you do this i ask him one day


I want to

he says

and I told you

it is because