something absent


words thrown together –

but not in sentences.

without verbs, present action:





Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate.     – Germaine Greer

Christianity teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves; modern society acknowledges no neighbor.   – Benjamin Disraeli

the frontman


over a beer

a notevencold beer

he laments his fallen star

puts his money on the counter

his own money

chipping away at a feeble stack

would not have happened

even just five years ago

but it takes

not much

just a tiny shift

the easiest of pushes

the faintest change in breezes


voice darkened dampened by time



quit the tour

poor reviews


chain of events

from one

to noone

in notime


his former mates might be

in some same plain jane establishment

elsewhere miles removed

thinking too, sipping

strangely foreignly

some same remorseful rum

on the rocks


the tender knows the usual

elsewhere miles removed

in some same plain jane establishment

his new song plays on the juke

unnoticed background static

except to one

one noone

one forlornly lonely noone

who reaps from it

the grace of a million moments

ever so subtly

in the sky

a star rises

behind the clouds of dank evening


Collective Fun: my entry


All stones are broken stones.  – From “44 Aphorisms” by James Richardson


alas, pangaea


here underneath my toes the softest bed

(silence all about

(morning here is lonely peace

is formed by microscopic graveyard stones

which (if they were not undersized)

would read “the one is hereby crushed and dead”


in patient lines the waves bring ever more

(storing them for now

(back to get them will they be

and here deposit ancient crystal bones

which (shards of some lost gemstone prized)

lay glimmering for my eye to adore


i wonder at the thoughts of these fine grains

(if they were endowed

with this capability

i’d listen to their every word and tone

which (i don’t know but can surmise)

would sing a song of brokenness and pain


the tales of fond rememberance they’d weave

(music all around

(sorrow wafting on the breeze

of days gone by when they were joined as one

which (with this i can sympathize)

are too far gone now ever to retrieve


alas, pangaea, once in you we lived!

(tenderest of ground

(lost forever seemingly

that garden lush and soil without stone

which (cracked by time’s relentless pries)

demolished is past aught that aid could give


alas, pangaea, you were all i knew!

(sands and i both now

(singing out this elegy

for shattered are we, fragmented, alone

(where once we lived in paradise)

we now can see but glimpses in the blue


someday pangaea will be whole anew

somewhere across that haunting, daunting blue


Author’s Note: i am not sure it’s done, but i have not received many submissions for my impromptu contest yet, so i thought i might spur everyone on with an entry of my own. Thoughts? Since i am going to judge your work, its only far to request that you judge mine as well. i would appreciate some sound criticism. Also: get to work. August 17th is the deadline.