Gödel to his beloved


For Sara, my undeserved joy –


my interest in you is the

lock’s interest in the key,

as breaking like robin’s eggs your

carefullest hands break me apart birthing

new mes, new keys in new doors which

open onto spring and green things. it is the

eye’s interest in the photon, off all things bounce

pieces flecks of what i can only say is you, all songs sing

notes whose ink is onliest you. it is the

grape’s interest in the glass, in your glad tired palate

ripening open to burst full from pepper and berry and

cocoa, spilling leggy joy down dustiest your throat. it is the

wire’s interest in the current, ancient strings copperly

stretched through prisoning planks, passive and cold,

waiting for the spark. it is the

page’s flaccid useless interest in the pen, flat, inert,

madly hoping blank and emptier than

holes, white and still and



i sometimes have difficulty expressing my love to my wonderful wife. i hope this helps, even just a little.  – R.E.W.

2 thoughts on “Gödel to his beloved

  1. Thank you. i am guilty of re-reading it several times myself, and i am not convinced that it is quite finished, but it is nearer than many alleged “poems” were which i posted in blog’s youth. Thanks as always for reading. i regret to say that i have not made it over to yours yet. i will do so now, for parity’s sake. (And because i am interested.)


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