the frontman


over a beer

a notevencold beer

he laments his fallen star

puts his money on the counter

his own money

chipping away at a feeble stack

would not have happened

even just five years ago

but it takes

not much

just a tiny shift

the easiest of pushes

the faintest change in breezes


voice darkened dampened by time



quit the tour

poor reviews


chain of events

from one

to noone

in notime


his former mates might be

in some same plain jane establishment

elsewhere miles removed

thinking too, sipping

strangely foreignly

some same remorseful rum

on the rocks


the tender knows the usual

elsewhere miles removed

in some same plain jane establishment

his new song plays on the juke

unnoticed background static

except to one

one noone

one forlornly lonely noone

who reaps from it

the grace of a million moments

ever so subtly

in the sky

a star rises

behind the clouds of dank evening


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